What is a Good Voltage For a Hedge Trimmer

What is a Good Voltage For a Hedge Trimmer?

Voltage is usually expressed in volts, and though you can use a variety of voltages to power a heavy duty hedge trimmer (usually anything from 18-24 V), the voltage will depend on the type of fuel it uses for generating electricity.

Most people are typically more familiar with gasoline-powered tools, which run at either 9.6 or 12.0 volts; an electric tool’s voltage is likely going to be either 120VAC or 220VAC as well.

The higher the voltage, the greater distance that will be travelled through fast moving blades without starting to slow down, so some homeowners choose to forgo their manual hedge trimmers in favor of gas powered models. It’s also important when selecting a blade.

What to Look For in a Hedge Trimmer

For those looking for a long-term solution to their trimming needs, heavy duty models are the way to go.

Unlike other more lightweight models that require battery changing or recharge time between jobs because of shorter run times and less power, these trimmers have both an extended run time as well as greater cutting strength than standard electric hedge clippers.

If all you have are a handful of yews to shape, even the light-duty and inexpensive hedge trimmer will be adequate.

For tall and long hedges, you’re going to need something up for the job; close to being pro-duty.

Larger more expensive tools with 36 volt or higher voltage batteries tend towards larger motors that can endure longer trimming sessions on thick branches without overheating.

Is a 20V Hedge Trimmer Good?

Answer: Yes.

A 20V trimmer is a great choice if you have a medium amount of yard, and want to get the job done quickly.

These tools are designed for light-duty work only – they are not heavy duty and will break down faster than a gas-powered model.

They’re also much quieter, which is especially nice if you’re dealing with neighbors who don’t like noise on weekends. Plus there’s no fuel to worry about or mess from an air filter!



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