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How To Keep Grass From Clogging Bagger Chute?

Summer is in full swing; for many homeowners, that means busy times tending to the yard. Between keeping the lawn neatly trimmed and flowers and plants watered, there’s a lot of work to do.

Keeping the lawn mower bagger from clogging is an important task that often gets overlooked.

If not emptied regularly, the bag can fill up with grass clippings and leaves quickly, causing it to become heavy and difficult to manage.

Not only can this make it hard to move the mower around, but it can also prevent the bag from collecting all the debris, leading to an inefficient cleanup job.

Luckily, you can take a few easy steps to help avoid this issue. This article will show you how to keep your lawn mower bagger from clogging. Stay tuned to find out more!

Why Does Bagger Chute Clog?

Before we dive into how to keep your lawn mower bagger from clogging, it’s important to understand why the chute becomes blocked in the first place. There are typically a few reasons for a clogged chute:

Grass height: If the grass is too tall, it will lay down and get caught in the chute. This is especially true if the grass is wet.

Lower throttle: When the throttle is set too low, the blades don’t spin fast enough to chop up the grass properly. This can cause larger pieces of grass to get caught in the chute and eventually clog it.

Mulching kit: If you have a mulching kit installed on your lawn mower, it can cause the grass to lay down and get caught in the chute. This is because the mulching kit cuts the grass into smaller pieces, making it more likely to get stuck in the chute.

Weather conditions: If it’s been raining or the humidity is high, the grass will lay down longer, which can also cause a clog.

Worn blade: If the blade on your mower is dull, it will tear the grass rather than cut it. This can also cause clogging because torn grass is more likely to lay down and get caught in the chute.

Now that we know why the chute becomes clogged let’s look at how to prevent it.

How Do I Keep My Lawn Mower Bagger From Clogging?

It is essential to keep your lawn mower bagger from clogging if you want to maintain a neat and tidy lawn. A clogged bag can cause grass clippings to fly out of the bag, which can be both unsightly and messy.

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Additionally, a clogged bag can also prevent your lawn mower from working properly, as the grass clippings can impede the blades from rotating. Here are some tips on how to keep your lawn mower bagger from clogging:

1. Use A Sharp Blade

A dull blade will cause the grass to shred into smaller pieces, which are more likely to get caught in the bag. Make sure to sharpen your blade regularly to avoid this problem.

2. Mow Dry Grass

Wet grass clippings are more likely to clump together and get stuck in the bag. Mowing when the grass is dry will help to prevent this problem.

3. Don’t Overload the Bag

Overloading the bag can also cause clogging. Be sure to empty the bag frequently so that it doesn’t become overloaded.

4. Engine Speed

Be sure to set the engine speed to the correct setting. A higher engine speed will create more suction, which can help to prevent clogging.

5. Gas and Oil

Use the correct type of gas and oil in your lawn mower. The wrong type of gas or oil can cause the engine to run hotter, which can lead to clogging.

6. Use Full Throttle

Be sure to use the full throttle when mowing. This will ensure that the grass is cut cleanly and evenly. The bagger will clog more easily if you don’t use the full throttle.

7. Keep The Bagger Clean

Be sure to clean out the bagger after each use. Grass and other debris can build up in the bagger, causing it to clog.

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Bottom Line

As you can see, you can do a few key things to help prevent your lawn mower bagger from clogging. Regularly cleaning the bagger and removing any debris can keep it working properly for many years. Additionally, be sure to empty the bag when it gets full, and don’t try to overfill it. By following these simple tips, you can avoid the frustration of a clogged lawn mower bagger.

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