Ideas I Dig

 Here are some ideas that other garden and design bloggers
 have shared and that I hope to shamelessly copy:
These outdoor lights can help define and illuminate almost any outside patio, deck or space. After reading about them on the blog, The Grackle, we hung our own out back and love them. (We also put dimmers on them.) The Grackle has a post on these lights that shares the web site that sells them at good prices.
Reuben is the coolest dude ever! He made this outdoor “typographical garden art” piece himself, and provides a step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own. This guy has the most amazing outdoor space, filled with funky vignettes like this one above. He’s totally scrappy, resourceful and creative–a true artist! And such a generous man to share his projects on his visually amazing blog,Ranchoreubidoux.
Ok, I love these. The great thing is that the woman who makes these tells you exactly how she does it on her fantastic blog, Geninne’s Art Blog. Even if you aren’t into stamping, you will likely enjoy Geninne’s beautiful drawings, her cool house in Mexico, and just about everything she does.
Trying to hawk your cool stuff via Ebay or Craigslist, or even in your driveway? Get with it and learn the lingo! Post via, via
I thought these were a great idea: to use jars as picture frames. Credit: an artist named Geninne (same name as mine but different spelling) at Geninne’s Art Blog:
Campania Birdbath at Potted in Sunset
This birdbath was featured in Sunset Magazine last summer.
 Such a simple idea. But talk about mood lighting!
western belt lawn chair
Just stumbled upon a new blog I love called Studio G. She just posted this brilliant little lawn chair, which she found on Etsy ($150). If you don’t want to copy it, you can buy it: kikithespunkymunkey.
The coolest tip is that Studio G blogger found these cool items using the “Taste Test” button on the Etsy web site (which is loaded with cool handmade  and vintage items, but difficult to search.) I tried it and it’s fun!
cintage bowling ball garden sphere
Studio G blogger (Rochelle Greayer) also zeroed in on this cool garden sphere. Make it out of a bowling ball and marbles, or buy it: TaDahpdx.
This was in ReadyMade magazine (I just subscribed; $6.99 a year!). What a cool border, all re-used wine or other bottles. Think how they will catch the light. And super durable, too!!
I spotted these totally cool silouettes on one of my favorite blogs, Wabi-Sabi Home. The fun-loving, creative  mamacita from Austin, Texas, who writes this blog is so resourceful and full of original ideas. I’m scheming what shadow image to paint on one of my outside walls. I’m thinking a Red Tail Hawk in flight, or a family of quail, or a roadrunner eating a lizard, so many possibilities!! I’m sure my neighbors will just love whatever I do!
Sunset magazine has a garden blog, Fresh Dirt, that featured these groovy orbs. Maybe a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss, but a hanging orb sure gathers awesome succulents! Ha!
Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-century Designers
I can’t remember what wonderful, hipster, hippie, wonderful-life-maker blogger showcased this book, but I LOVE it! It makes me pant inside (sorry if that weirds you out, but if you are a modernist-nut you will know exactly what I’m talking about!). I sent Santa the link on Amazon. I’m not messing around with this gift-to-be-to-me! (This cover shot is a bit on the funky, mangy side, but the inside material is all that!!)

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