The Succulent Cafe


Welcome to The Succulent Cafe!

My husband and I wandered into this little gem of a cafe in Oceanside, page California, buy on our way home from the San Diego Airport. I wish the photos were better, but I snapped these shots with my phone camera.


 Located at 322 N. Cleveland Street, this side alley-style cafe is also connected with a lifestyle spa, called Apotheque.


 So grab an excellent coffee or pastry, have a seat and check out all the succulents and creative display ideas.



 Most of the artistic creations are by Peter Loyola, who is also the owner.



 Most are for sale, and you can purchase individual succulents as well.



 The selection is outrageous!


Gorgeous mix of organic, natural materials.



How about this DYI wall pocket?


Succulent eye candy.


Word play with Scrabble tiles.


 Do you see what these plants are in?


Since the cafe is tucked on the side of a brick building, you feel as though you have discovered something here.


Next time you are on the I-5 around the Cassidy Street Exit, jump off and check out this amazing spot of creativity!

2 thoughts on “The Succulent Cafe

  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing find. I love seeing unique places like the Succulent Cafe. All of the succulent displays are truly inspirational to anyone who loves succulents as art. I am going to the fabric store tomorrow to buy some burlap burlap to make vertical hangers shown in one of your photos. I have been collecting & propagating succulents for several years & now I know what I want to do with many of my plants. I can’t wait to finish this easy project and see how great it will make my blank patio wall look, just in time to start enjoying this summer.

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