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Have you heard about Slow Food? We learned about this group from a foodie friend in Laguna about a year ago. Tonight, we finally made it to one of their events. And we are going back, for sure! My understanding is that the Slow Food movement was started in 1986 in response to someone putting a McDonald’s in Italy (Fast food, slow food–get it?). Today, chapters all over the world are helping spread food culture, and work to “link the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.”


How can you not love that? We attended the Orange County Slow Food chapter’s annual meeting tonight at the Duck Club at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary near the University of Irvine Campus in Irvine. They had two master gardeners speaking about growing edibles, and then we all shared a pot luck. (It was a perfect evening since we got to go birdwatching at the Audubon marshes there after dinner!)


What could be more delicious than a pot luck with a bunch of foodies? There was no jello, spinach dip or scalloped potatoes on this table (and those were no ordinary deviled eggs, either)! Members of this non-profit, grass roots organization include local chefs, restaurant owners, wine and beer connoisseurs, gardeners and plain old people who just love to grow, cook and enjoy good food.



They have all types of events, including a book club (They are reading Micheal Pollan’s Cooked right now.), and work on food policy issues, such as the new Farm bill and GMO issues. We met some great people already, including Aurora who made a killer coconut flan and another nice guy who’s starting his own restaurant at the hip, new Packing House District in Anaheim drawing off home-garden produce (like Forage in Silver Lake). Also, heard about two other interesting OC restaurants, one called Urban Kitchen in Lake Forest and the other called Arc in Costa Mesa. Here’s a link to their current newsletter. (Doesn’t everyone here look as though they know they are getting away with something pretty amazing?)

If you live in Orange County, come check it out. (It costs $25 a year to join the main group–and you are in!) This group is in 150 countries throughout the world. If there isn’t a chapter in your community, think about starting one. How can you go wrong with people who love plants, food, the environment and pot lucks!!

One thought on “Slow Food

  1. Oh YES YES YES I love slow food so much.

    The SF Austin is just the MOST amazing group of folks.

    I get all teary just thinking about slow food. It’s my “thing.”

    I am reading Cooked right now too! I’m still in the BBQ section so just getting started.

    Now I’m hungry.

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