Living Wall Springs Up in Laguna


Driving down PCH the other day, I did a double take of one of the storefronts off our busy highway that runs along the coast through the middle of Laguna Beach. It was hard to see in the shade, but I was certain it was one of those trendy living walls. From what I can tell, I believe it’s our first one (at least of such a high profile and scale) in town.



As you can see, it’s quite ambitious. This is the outside of an eco-chic boutique hotel called Seven4One. The newly remodeled hotel–by one of our more progressive architects in town, a nice guy named Horst–is an event accommodation, mainly for weddings, vacation rentals, that type of thing. If you want to stay there, you need to book all 12 rooms at a time.


Unlike most living walls I’ve seen, mainly in photos, the designers, a company named Seasons Natural Engineering of Laguna Beach, didn’t use any succulents. This wall features ivies, ferns, ground coverings, and other leafy plants. (Please chime in if you know the names of these plants!) 


It was kinda cool since they were just finishing installing it when I showed up a couple days ago.



 The plants are all tucked into this felt-like material.



You can get a peak here of the irrigation system they use–pvc pipe where the water is pumped up to the plants. That is some of the most highly distressed wood I’ve seen in a while!

 They have a second living wall in this inner courtyard.



 You can see how some of the plants have started to grow in and drape for a more dramatic effect.



I normally don’t care for the colored glass in these types of fire features, but this has some richer shades of blue and is mixed with the more organic lava rock.



 This courtyard would be a perfect spot for a wedding or other intimate gathering, with the cozy corten steel fireplace and natural light from the open ceiling. The courtyard also has long, chainlike drapes (on the left) that you can pull shut for privacy. I’m trying to think of who I know who could help me fill those 12 rooms for a couple nights of the good life!







4 thoughts on “Living Wall Springs Up in Laguna

  1. I love this place. Great blog post. But when I clicked the link to the company, it took me to a class posting? I would be interested to know who they were. It looked amazing. Thanks!

  2. Very trendy indeed. So close to the coast they can get away with non-succulents. The purple leafed plant is a Heuchera, the fine textured small plant is Soleirolia soleirolii, the white variegated could be good ol’ spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum.

    Saw a huge living wall at the newish West Elm at Crystal Court a couple of months ago. When done right and maintained, it’s cool.

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