Rooting Around for Gift Ideas


It’s almost mandatory for bloggers to feature a holiday gift guide every year. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours putting together an I-love-it-so-much-you-will-too list? No one can accuse me of waging war on Christmas! I’ve plucked many of these ideas from the lists of fellow garden and outdoor living bloggers, and included a few original pics. Hoe Hoe Hoe!!

1. I saw these dreamy birdhouses by Gainey pottery from a Facebook post by my friends over at Potted, the modern outdoor furnishing store in Los Angeles. You could give a gardening friend almost anything from this store and I bet they would be eternally grateful!


Water Right Hose

2. Can’t you imagine your delight when you discover this mud-green hose under your tree this season? Jk. Water Right’s Ultra-light Drinking Water Safe Polyurethane Hose $60: “No, it’s not cheap, but it is worth the investment. I was convinced to take the plunge back in September when I had the chance to hold one in Margaret Roach’s garden. I could not believe how light, yet sturdy it was.”  Via You Grow Girl.

A Way to Garden

3.    “I never had a pair of books that wasn’t hunter green or just plain black, but the madcap, cotton-lined, waterproof boots from Oregon-based Jessica Swift made me smile—and $5 from each pair sold will go to helping Charity: Water, a non-profit bringing clean drinking water to developing nations.” Via A Way to Garden.


smitten kitchen cookbook

4. Seems like everywhere I look recently, I stumble upon another person smitten with this cookbook. Even my blogger friend Michele (aka MamaHolt) over at Wabi-Sabihomeandgarden wrote an entertaining post on one of Deb’s recipes: “Do you know of this food blog called Smitten Kitten? Wait!  It’s Smitten KiTCHEN. I always type it kitten. Meow. Of course you know this blog…The girl’s a rage. Never had a cooking lesson. Never even waitressed. Has a best selling cookbook on the NYT list.  (Hint, hint Santa.) Love her. Hate her.” Via The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.


bee house

5. Bee serious. Do you really think you will build your own bee house out of recycled lumber this year? This mod Beehaus Green is so stylish that the bees just couldn’t wait to move in. A mere $859. Via The L.A. Times Indoor-Outdoor Garden Gift Guide 2012.


veggie shears

6. Fiskars Take-Apart Softgrip Garden Shears: “I received this tool as a gift last year, and it still works like brand-new. I’ve broken enough cutting shears to know that these are top quality.” Via The Vegetable Gardener.



7. Always love everything Toronto-artist-living-in-Mexico Geninne makes and features on her delightful Art Blog. She says  these hand-drawn, -painted and -stitched bird ornaments will be available at Arounna’s shop Bookhou. Oh yea!

baker seeds

8. Already plotting your summer veggie garden? I yam! Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Petaluma, California. Little Marvel peas and Japanese Climbing cucumbers. No more than couple bucks per packet. 


9. These headlamps are not just for camping. I use mine for night-gardening. Okay, I made up that verb. But I do wear mine to stalk snails and slugs in the dark. Gizmo headlamp. $20.


vintage trailers


10. So I want to be a happy camper. Is that asking too much? Instead of the pony, Santa! Via Southern California Vintage Trailer Design.


11. Did I say 10 gift ideas? I lied. How could I not have checked my favorite blog, Rancho Reubidoux, to see his gift guide before cobbling mine together? Here’s just one of his fun, original gift ideas from Etsy: “Waterstone Succulent’s sculpture in geometric container: Available in five colors (gold, silver, copper, nickel, white), these lovely little succulent sculptures were cast from the real thing. Each arrives in its own geometric pot and is 3″ to 4″ tall and 3 to 3 1/2″ in diameter. $23 each.” I agree with Reuben–I want at least five! Click here for the seller’s Etsy shop.

Happy Holidays


Peace on Earth!







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  1. **sigh** THE TRAILER!

    More realistically, pocketbook-wise, I’ll have to have those seed packets, just for the graphics … and thanks for the bird ornament tip-off: her blog is amazing!

  2. OMG…


    The boots, the bee boxes, the bird houses …

    DYING. I’m afraid to go see how much the boots are.

    THANK YOU for the blog love too, J!! That is so nice of you. I was surprised to see it. weeeeeeeeeeeee.

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