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Sometimes you walk into a store and all you can think is, “Oh, no! I want everything in here!” In this case, my friend Sharon, who made the trek with me to Potted in Los Angeles last week, said it out loud. I was too busy stumbling and slobbering over all the amazing modern garden art and outdoor living furniture and accessories, that I barely heard her. (That dining table looks like concrete but is fiberglass and super lightweight. The stunning ceramics are all vintage pieces from Germany. The awesome “Lucy” chairs are by Bend.)



How many times can you say, “I LOVE that” or “That is SO COOL!” After a while, I just stopped trying to find superlatives and tried to take in as many as the details as I could during our short visit. The reddish “Alcapulco”chair is even more comfortable than it looks!


If you had an outdoor space–a patio, deck or porch–you would only need to shop at this one store to create an inviting, fun and totally hip place to hang out. The two owners of Potted, Annette Goliti Gutierrez and Mary Gray, recently teamed with California Home + Design Magazine and were featured HERE in the Home section of The L.A. Times for a groovy outdoor space they created.


One of their newer items are these sculptural City Planters. They facilitate the vertical garden concept, where you can add and change up your own plants at will.

This one is made of steel with a rust patina. Beauty in imperfection, as they say.

Or just beauty in perfection. The City Planters also are available in this glossy white, and can be made to order including various colors as well.


Hang one of these on one of your outdoor walls, and you not only create interest and flair, but also a sense of order and high design.


Needless to say Potted, located in the Atwater Village neighborhood of L.A., has the best selection–color, shape, and quality–of pots and planters I have ever seen. They also sell these concrete and tile stepping stones.

See how simple it is to make a little pathway on top of some basic pea gravel? Easy peasy.


These were my favorite planters–for the moment, at least. Modern, lightweight, industrial. Oh yea! (How about the artificial turf pillows? Softer than real grass.)


Annette was nice enough to show me the back of the store, where they make their signature mosaic tables.

  Their good friend, Tracey Reinberg, designs and produces the most amazing Moroccan-inspired, cement tiles through her Kismet Tile company, which top many of Potted’s side, coffee and dining tables. You have to touch the silky, matte finish to appreciate their unique character.


  A couple weekends ago, one of the owners, Annette, invited a bunch of designer, garden and homesteader friends to her amazing craftsman home in West Hollywood for a Spanish feast.

  One of the guests, garden blogger Denise over at A Growing Obsession, took some amazing photos and shared them in THIS POST. (Warning: You will be jealous.)


 These meet-ups were the brainchild of garden blogger Dustin Gimbel of Non-Secuteur, who hosted several “Cross-Pollination” dinners, including THIS ONE at his Long Beach home and garden.


  You can see for yourself how these eclectic Potted pieces work in a real home (It didn’t hurt, however, that Annette’s happened to be exquisite!)

  This is another room off the inside courtyard where they make garden-inspired gifts, such as terrariums filled with air plants, and vintage planters with succulents and cacti arrangements.

If you are like me, you just want to be left alone for a bit while you poke around. I know this is a marathon post, but here are a few more images if you LOVE this place!


That’s all for now. Hope you get a chance to check out Potted for yourself. Good chance you will want everything, too!

Now don’t cry if you don’t live near Los Angeles. You can order almost all their products online HERE.

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  1. I love it all! I just got that orange-red circle planter for my birthday and can’t wait to plant it up and hang it in the garden. I’d love to visit Potted in person one day. Thanks for the tour.

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