Killer Kale

We’ve all heard how great kale is by now. I think the only health claim I have yet to hear is that it can raise the dead. So I’m probably the last to pay homage to this dense borecole (type of cabbage), but it’s become such a morning staple that I thought I would share my frap recipe. My ulterior motive is to hear some other ideas on kale-involved recipes.

Here’s how I make mine. At first, I tried using a juicer, but cleaning that machine took up half my morning, and something felt wrong about tossing all the leftover fiber. So I now just use my basic blender (no $500 Vitamix necessary!), and start by packing in about a cup of chopped kale (sometimes I add spinach), a cup or two of liquid (green tea, coconut water, or water, and some chopped ice), and half a banana for creaminess (Avacados are great for that, too.) This summer, I have liked sweetening it up with watermelon (you can throw in just about any fruit: figs, apples, blueberries, etc) and strawberries. Finally, I throw in a couple tablespoons of flax or chia seed for the Omegas and other good stuff.

It looks like this before I hit go. So pretty! Takes less than a minute.

Then it looks like this. Oops, not so pretty.

That’s where pretty glasses help with the visual appeal. No matter how hard I try, I always make too much, and my husband is happy to share it with me.

Since we are going through the kale these days, I made sure to plant all these varieties in my fall/winter garden (The seedling is Red Russian.) ! I’d love to hear how you find ways to get kale working for you!

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  1. Oh YUM! You know, I never thought to smoothie it. Duh. I do juice it, but this looks much better! I recently saw a Mojito juice smoothie on Pinterest that looked fab too.

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