Dahlia Delight

Thank you to the gardener who maintains this lovely flower bed packed with dahlias along the sidewalk
near my home in the Top of the World neighborhood in Laguna Beach. Before stopping the take these photos, I never even looked at a dahlia before, at least not knowingly or closely. In fact, I had to Google them to find out what kind of flowers these were. How did I overlook an entire flower genus all these years?

On the other hand, it’s kind of exciting to think what other miracles of color and design are out there that I totally missed–and have yet to discover!

4 thoughts on “Dahlia Delight

  1. I grew up at 1863 Temple Hills Drive in the 50’s when there wasn’t much beyond us. We used to drive up to the eucalyptus trees and look east toward Saddleback. That was also when we used to go on backroads tours of the Mission Viejo Ranch. There was no Mission Viejo…Ah memories.

  2. I agree, dahlias are show stoppers. Haven’t tried growing them because they are annuals, and I’m too busy cutting back all my overgrown and volunteer perennials! BTW: They make long-lasting cut flowers. Found one in the gutter on my walk the other day and now the other stalks are flowering!

  3. I grow dahlias and they are work but well worth it.. since i’m old now my son and grandsons help dig them and my daughter makes sure they are tied up and watered.. I would very much like to get the coral one you posted.. if you have the name or when I can get it I would appreciate it.. thank you Louise

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