Jill’s DIY Bird Spa

How to Make a Fountain

 One of my favorite garden pieces is the bird bath. Who knows why it’s so intriguing to watch birds flit around in a shallow pool of water. So of course I love this natural-looking bird fountain that doubles as a low slung patio table in my friend Jill’s garden in Laguna Beach. If you follow my blog, you must know Jill and her helpful husband from other projects she let me share here, including a rocky stream through her native garden, an outdoor fireplace she made of driftwood and ocean rocks, a truly original outdoor shower, and a fabulous mosaic step.

This DIY bird bath, basically a slab of slate set on top of a ceramic basin, is one of her more recent projects. The water bubbles up to the top. I love how organic it looks and blends with her whimsical English garden–and you can set your coffee mug on it, too!

How to Make a Fountain


Jill carefully carved a whole in the center of the stone and chipped out a depression so the water could pool in the center. She says everyday about 3 p.m. a little flock of birds bathes in the fountain, which is just outside her bedroom window. (Jill says tiny birds–I’m guessing Bushtits–like to perch on the dead stems from this succulent. She promised to take a photo of the birds in action, which I will share on Laguna Dirt’s Facebook page–so FOLLOW ME  if you want to see them!)

Jill wrote up directions for her DIY bird bath, and also took photos when she and her helpful husband Mike put it together.

Here they are:

Safety goggles to keep chips out of the eyes (I used swim goggles). Little chips really did fling in my face, so don’t try without.

Making the well in the top. Someone who cares about having nice hands should wear gloves.

This is the drip line on the underside to keep the water from migrating outside of the bowl rim.

Helpful husband used a pipe cutter so I could use a copper tube instead of the plastic one that comes with the fountain pump.

I wanted the cord to come out from the base of the bowl so I ran it over the top of the rubber liner and then out a hole drilled at the bottom. I made  sure to have a good overlap of the liner at the top for final adjustments.

Ta-da! So are you inspired? (Jill shot this from her bed. I would never get up if I had that sweet view!) I hope to try to make one of my own one of these days. Here’s another bird bath and fountain she built.

Check out the little hummingbird splashing in the founatain!

Here’s a pair of Bushtits. Can you see the one perched on the succulent twig, waiting its turn?


(I might need to rename my blog Jill’s Dirt!)

2 thoughts on “Jill’s DIY Bird Spa

  1. OH MAH GAWD!!! Must have. MUST have.
    I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Bishop, CA devouring blogs since I haven’t had wifi in over a month! Sob. Trying to read through as many posts as I can before having to go back to the desert.
    Hope you’re well!

  2. I love this idea! I never would of thought of rock like that. Such a smart inspiration. I have big iron kettle that would work great for that and it has a stand too. Now to find me one of those rock slabs. Thanks so much for sharing this cool idea. My hummingbirds thank you too. 😉

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