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Ceramic orbs for the garden by Michelle Quan at Flora Grubb gardens
photo via Flora Grubb Gardens blog


Like most bloggers, I spend a lot of time cruising the web, reading related garden and outdoor living blogs, as well as lots of other  sites I stumble upon.  That’s part of the fun–getting distracted, click, click, clicking through blogs, web sites, Facebook, and finding inspiring ideas and information that have little or nothing to do with what I was after.

Here’s a little collection of some of my favorite accidental finds in the last couple weeks:

ART: How about these gorgeous ceramic orbs from Michelle Quan and sold over at Flora Grubb Gardens? I’m a huge fan of ceramics in the garden. They blend so naturally. Maybe because they are really just hard dirt!


The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok


BOOKS: A surprisingly compelling memoir called The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok, where the author explores the relationships among herself, her sister and her mentally ill mom. Plants and gardens play a therapeutic role throughout her life. I thought I was burned out on these types of wrenching family portraits, but this one just gets better and better. (I’m halfway through.) My friend, Ellen, who finds the most amazing literary treasures on her blog, Gold Boat Journeys, loaned it to me.


Moonrise Kingdom
Moonrise Kingdome

MOVIES:  I have a new part-time job as an editor at an online magazine, and this is a fantastic guide for 7 great upcoming flicks for people with my taste (I usually opt for Indies and foreign films) by one of our best writers. (Another off-the-radar French movie highly recommended by another friend is The Intouchables. Supposed to be very funny.)


Palm Frond DIY Plant Hanger by Idea Realized
Palm Frond DIY Plant Hanger by Idea Realized


BLOGS: One of my favorite garden and art bloggers, Reuben over at Rancho Reubidoux shared an original DIY plant container project using palm fronds from the blog, Ideas Realized.

TECH TIP: I was catching up on the delightful posts of another favorite blogger, Delphine from Paradis Express, when my gadget-loving son walked in the room and told me to get a translator extension. (Delphine lives near Paris and her site is in French.)  As far as I can tell, extensions are like apps for your PC. I mainly use Google’s browser, Chrome. Click here to get them. I picked the one called Google Translate (free!), and now any web site is automatically in English.



APPS: Maybe you exercise enough and don’t eat too much, but not me. I could use a little help in the self-discipline department. A friend told me about this app, called LoseIt, and you can easily track the calories you consume during the day. Surprise: I was consuming a lot more than I thought. (And you burn about 7 calories an hour blogging.)


Image via Geninne's Art Blog


EYE CANDY: Whenever I’m feeling visually fried from too much computer time, I head over to Geninne’s Art Blog and just drift through her beautiful watercolors and musings. And she loves birds!


Mint and Cucumber Mmm Cocktail
mind and cucumber cocktail from mnn


DRINKS:  How’s this for refreshing? Can’t wait to test out this mint-and-cucumber cocktail and a few other “garden-inspired” drinks featured on the Mother Earth Network this weekend. And more quenching summer drinks from SecondAct!


Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. Fabulous collection of ideas and finds. I really love the idea of using old palm fronds as a planter. That is brilliant and definitely something I could do. The ceramic orbs are fantastic too.

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