The Eagle and the Owl

Bald Eagle by Charley Harper

These birds in action videos are addicting! This first one shows how far a Bald Eagle will go to get what it wants. Very American.

Snowy Owl by Charley Harper

The next one features the notorious owl that has saved thousands of acres of old growth forests. But all he or she cares about is dinner:

If you think about it, we are so lucky people are watching. Even if it’s only on YouTube! It’s a powerful way to protect these amazing creatures.

Ever considered taking up bird watching? It’s so fun! Just start looking up in your own backyard. The brilliant yellow and black orioles should be arriving any day, and they are stunners!
Here’s my all-time favorite guide
(click the image if you want to buy it):

Kaufman Field Guide to Birds Of North America

Also, if you dig on those bird drawings (above) by Charley Harper, check out this book of his amazing prints
(Click on link or image to buy)

Charles Harper’s Birds and Words

More Charley Harper

Charley Harper: Birds: A Book of Postcards (Books of Postcards)

Charley Harper Memory Game

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