Japanese Maple Gardens: Essence of the Tree

This garden bird bath was featured in the display by a company called Essence of the Tree out of Montecido, Calif. at the Southern California Spring Garden Show, which started today and goes through Sunday, April 29.  It’s made of a mix  of recycled concrete with an organic-looking texture. Why is it so hard to find garden accents like this that blend so beautifully and naturally in the garden, any garden? Cost: $85. Not bad for something so earthy and cool that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Here are some other shots of the garden bowls, which I can just picture the birds splashing around in and having a grand time. But check out those pavers. Don’t they look exactly like giant slices of an old tree trunk? That’s what I thought they were. But no. They are also made out of that same recycled concrete.

Here’s a closer look. Amazing! They are hand-crafted from molds made out of aged wood that “has fallen naturally, not cut down,” according to their catalog. For an  original piece of functional art, I think they are a good deal for $55 each. They were selling them at the show, if you don’t want to deal with shipping costs.

It didn’t hurt that these garden accents were surrounded by a virtual forest of Japanese maples. Most of them actually do well in our climate, and they thrive in containers.

If the container is smaller, they just adapt and go kind of bonzai. They look amazing.

I may have to go back to the show this weekend just to see these again. It’s unlikely I will leave empty-handed.

The company sells some fantastic plant containers made out of the same, raw-looking concrete, as well as cast-iron Japanese bells, decorative Buddha mask-shaped sculptures and ornamental Rock Ropes made from colorful, polished stones.  Click HERE to visit their Web site.

Learn more about the Southern California Spring Garden Show in my previous post by clicking HERE.

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