Orchid Wonder at the Southern California Spring Garden Show

If you like to take photos, especially of flowers, these garden shows can be a ball. Not only are there zillions of exotic flowers all packed in one place, but there’s no wind. At least not at the Southern California Spring Garden Show, going on this weekend inside a giant mall in Orange County.  My shots still turned out a bit blurry, but maybe that was from all the excitement.



Everyone has their favorites, and I found myself lured over to this exhibit of orchids by Andy’s Orchids from Encinitas, Calif. My friend Pam collects them and hangs them in her huge stand of bamboo. They love it there and look amazing. Click HERE to see her garden (and of course her adorable pack of black labs) and some of her orchids. I love their wild quality, with the roots all exposed and many growing on pieces of driftwood.

These orchids were as small as spiders.

Another hanging one. This is how much I know about orchids:  ZERO. When I feel flush, I buy one at the Farmer’s Market. The blooms last forever, so I think they are a much better value than cut flowers. Every once in a while, a miracle happens and they shoot out another stalk and bloom all over again. But most go in the green bin after about a half year of waiting.

How beautiful is this one? I’m not sure if those are blooms or leaves. The largest leaf pictured here is no more than an inch or two long, for perspective.

I stepped over to another orchid vendor, this guy had the larger varieties in containers.

This show is the type of place where you could stumble upon a whole new passion, and get started that day.

Again, I have no idea if these are “common” orchids or super rare ones. Knowing nothing sometimes has its advantages when it comes to the wonder factor. They were all blowing my mind.

The show is free, and I promise there’s something there that will blow your mind, too.

Click HERE for details on how to go. In fact, tomorrow (Sunday, April 29) they have a workshop called “Growing Orchids in Orange County” starting at 12:15 p.m.

(Click HERE for schedule of all workshops this weekend.)

If you go, don’t miss the coolest garden decor there. Click HERE to check out amazing bird baths and pavers.

If you can’t make it, click HERE to read the post about my visit and the amazing Pat Welsh.

How about that!

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