The Garden Art of Wyatt Ellison

Bear. $4K.

Garden Boulders. $1.5K (I assume that’s for all five.)

Can’t you just picture these just about anywhere in your garden, and they would look amazing?

Moon Gate. $4.5K

Over the moon for this. I am mooning for this. Would even moon for this.

Tree. $5K

Something perfect about a tree sculpture among real trees. Especially  in the  middle  of a garden.

Flowers. $35-45 (dollars)

Now we’re talking.


Horsetail. $20 (dollars)

 Love these. Problem is, I want 20 of them, like the photo!



Aqua Plants. $7K to 15K (Coming soon)

These are such a tease. Can’t really make out exactly what they look like, but you know they are fantastic. Kind of glad I don’t have the perfect Koi pond or rocky stream for these. (Check this link for a couple other shots.)

So who is this master welder/artist? His name is Wyatt Ellison, he lives in the Bay Area and seems to keep a pretty low personal profile. I featured some of his work last year in a post. He mostly makes his masterpieces for commissions or commercial ventures, but does do some residential (as you can see, if the price is right!). Fun just to see his work, and what new creations he is up to.Do you have any favorite garden art sources? Please share!


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