Succulents Gone Wild

I thought it might be a nice time to check out the succulents I have planted (stuck) in containers around my house. We’ve had some decent heat this winter, and then huge relief with recent showers. These plants seem to thrive on that love/neglect pattern. They hunker down when the sun blasts down on them for weeks at a time, but then give them some sweet rain and they go nuts.  To appreciate it, you have to forget about them for several weeks and months, and then check back and be amazed.


 The best thing is how they all duke it out in the containers, the less elbow room the better. One goes up, one goes down, and they somehow end up in an imperfect harmony that is stunning. I have the Cactus and Succulents book by Sunset from 1978, which has wonderful black and white sketches of the plants that I flip through sometimes.



But none of the names have stuck. I don’t know if you can see this very well because it’s in the shadow, but this teal blue spiky succulent has reached more than a foot beyond the container.



This ugly birdbath mosaic creation (yes, my handy work) is stuck in a corner where it gets no attention, ever. At one point, I stuck a few succulents in it. I think there’s only about an inch of soil, yet they are as big as a bush.



I love the babies in this pot, but I’m not sure who the father is–they don’t look much like mom to me.


This is a corner of our backyard that has a stunted sugar maple in the middle (It must be planted on sandstone–the tree is almost 20 years old now, but the trunk is barely eight inches around.) Again, I just planted (stuck) some small succulents around the trunk, and they have grown into a wild, yet pleasing little garden. (I know, time to clean out that little bird bath.)



I thought I would have tired of the succulent craze by now. But they just crack me up. They shoot out any which way they want, when they want.



Sometimes they look all faded and scrappy, but then they captivate us once again with their delicate, unpredictable blooms.



My friend told me this is one of the most common succulents–some type of Aeonium–but like almost all succulents I’ve been around, with a little attention and a little neglect, it delivers a spectacular show.

(If you want some real succulent and cacti advice, check out the blog Spiky Obsession.)

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