Spring For It!

Got a wild hare this spring? How about this over-sized wire pink bunny from CB2 for your garden? It’s almost 2 feet tall. Perhaps pink is the new orange this season. $70.
I always liked pinwheels, especially in the garden. These are stainless steel, and I suspect they glint sunlight as they spin. I also bet they are great at discouraging birds from feasting in your veggie garden. Called Blomus Viento from AllModern.com. (About $14 to $19 each.)
I love spheres in gardens. This one is made of driftwood from CB2 and comes in large and small sizes. The large one is $35.

A simple “Birdstake” from Crate and Barrel. Comes in orange, green and blue. About $13 each. Fun to grow a vine up or cluster as a focal point.
Great little pops of color for a garden wall from Flora Grubb. For a set of 3 wall play ornaments, $30 in either red, blue or lime.
No birds ever seem to choose my birdhouses for their homes, but I don’t care. I have an open door policy, as long as I like the looks of the real estate. I found this simple, organic wooden design at Smith & Hawken, but then was directed to Target’s web site. Only $15!
More things to dangle and dazzle. These simple, ceramic wind chimes are from Supermarket. Kind of pricey at $70. DIY?
Are these porcelain Disc String Lights divine? (And similar to ceramic wind chimes above.) In fact, everything on this web site is sheer lovliness: Pigeon Toe.

I will stop myself here. Once I hit Pinterest this evening–the new virtual cork board where you share images you love–I could have been up all night. You do know about Pinterest, right? Be warned it’s another black cyber hole of obsession and wasted time, but so fun and a great source of inspiration. If you see any images you like on Laguna Dirt, please feel free to Pin Away!! You also can find me on Pinterest HERE–but I just started filling up my own board. How is yours going?

2 thoughts on “Spring For It!

  1. the hare is great! but is pink really the new orange? if so, i'm so last year!
    love all of your spring for it ideas. i'm now busy saving for all this coolness. thanks!

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