Getting Past Concrete Block

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A lot of us who love the outdoors and creating our own garden features always ooh and ahh over these handmade concrete planters. We tell ourselves, “I could do that,” but then many of us can never quite take those first steps–such as lugging home a 100-pound bag of mortar, for starters.

Photo by Timberpress

With their raw, organic texture, concrete planters and other structures blend in perfectly to most gardens.

There are some great books out there to help us get past our cement block (ha!). I recently read about one of the newest ones on the L.A. Time’s Home and Garden blog.

Photo by Timberpress

Concrete Garden Projects, written by Malin Nilsson and Camilla Arvidsson, describes all sorts of creative ways to use concrete, whether it’s making a garden bench, a water feature or simple planters. 
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It’s all pretty basic: you find a mold, coat it with a non-stick oil such as veggie oil, fill it with concrete, let it dry slowly, and voila, a concrete masterpiece.

They show how to make impressions using found objects, such as this leaf imprint.

But even knowing how simple these can be to make, a book like this can make the difference between admiring these pieces and actually making something. Just under $20, this book is not a high price to pay for the difference between dreaming and doing!

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One fellow garden blogger, Stevie over at Garden Therapy, wrote an explicit post showing some projects she made following the instructions from this book. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Photo via Garden Therapy

I love this pot Stevie made where the hole is off center and filled with small succulents.

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Here are a couple other similar books on concrete projects:
As usual, I’m highly inspired by all these. Maybe I will actually make something this time. 

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