Box of Rain

Gutter sculpture
I’ve seen different types of rain catchers, but these are as fanciful and dynamic as a fountain. If you are going to try to catch water before it gurgles down your drain and sewer, why not make it fun and attractive? Emily Green, who writes the blog called Chance of Rain, wrote her last piece for the L.A. Times Home section on these rain catchers.
Gutter water catcher
She said she watched 33 inches of rain run off her roof and down the drains last year (into the ocean), and was determined to capture some of it this year to help irrigate her garden and fruit trees.
Gutter rain sculpture
She had a welder install gutters on her 1950s home, and then create these flowers, leaves and butterflies that redistributed the run-off and spread it around her yard.
Gutter flower install
Green hired sheet metal artist Ruben Ruiz to fabricate the gutters and sculptures. She said the sound the water made falling into the flowers was “becalming.”
Gutter after
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“This gutter challenge reminds me that home is
where everyone is allowed their greatest

 personal expression, where we can be our own

¬†William Mulhollands or Frank Lloyd Wrights.”

Emily Green

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  1. very cool idea! like mark and gaz said, it amazes me just how fantastically creative people can be. especially when they have someone who will follow directions during the installation! now all i need is a sheet metal guy? good to know!

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