A Late Bloomer

You know what’s coming, right? On the 15th of every month, a lot of garden-related bloggers have a tradition now where they post photos of what’s blooming in their garden. I usually forget.

 But this time, I planned ahead! When this cactus first formed little Brillo pad-like growths (you can see a couple at the top of the first photo), I started my vigil. I knew what was coming from past blooming cycles. If you hadn’t seen it before, you would never believe those ugly little tuft balls would turn into giant blossoms, let alone show-stopping flowers.

But over a couple weeks, the little Brillo pads get larger and start to extend outward. Then they spread and expose green stalk and eventually outside petals. They look like angry little alien mouths, and you know any minute they are going to burst open. So you do your best to keep checking on them, until one morning you walk out and…
Kaboom! OMG!! What the heck! You look around to see if there’s anyone around you can call over to look at them with you. Shouldn’t everyone get a chance to see these?
But no one else is within earshot, so you just look and look. They even both opened at the same time.
  In a few days, though, they will tire, and droop, and finally fall on the ground with a thud.
All you can feel is how grateful you are to have caught the show–even if it was a few days late.

This is a little added surprise from my daughter, Cassidy, who is studying in India right now. She saw this post and painted one of the blossoms, adding a touch of color, in her journal. I know I’m her mom, but isn’t she talented?

If you want to participate in the next Bloom Day, click HERE to read more about it.

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