Wise Guys

I’ve been feeling like drawing lately, and started trolling Etsy for inspiration of both styles and subject matter. I stumbled upon these vintage images of owls.  A handful of Etsy vendors print them on old newspapers, books, maps, sheet music, and anything that gives the popular time-worn quality. This owl, and the following prints with the same dark wood frames, are from the Etsy shop, Prrint
These creative printers sell images of everything from bears to flowers to sea creatures to just about whatever you can imagine. For some reason, I took a fancy to the owls.
From Etsy shop, Crowbiz.

From Etsy shop, RococcoCo.
This owl is from the Etsy shop, Littlebluebirdstudios.
This Etsy site is actually called, OwlStudio.
This owl from Exlibrisjournals.
Whether your thing is poppies, marigolds and ferns, or giant squid, sea horses, and shells, or ravens, skulls and typewriters, check out these cool prints! But like all “collections,” you can see that it’s easy to get carried away. 
Beware of Etsy!

4 thoughts on “Wise Guys

  1. Love this idea!

    But, it's easy to resist Etsy's insidious lure if you replace it with visits to its antidote, reretsy.com … a hilarious compendium of Etsy's worse (and, in some cases, earnest) offerings. Mean fun!

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