Peachy Keen Summer

Okay, I wished this looked as delicious as it tasted, but I’m not a food stylist. I’m also not much of a cook. I cook, of course, because I’m a mom and love to eat. But it takes a lot to push me beyond my sure-fire dishes. 
 Usually it takes a recipe that is fast and easy, sounds really fresh and yummy, and has ingredients that I either have on hand, or can get with one trip to the store (Who has prosciutto or goat cheese in their frig all the time?) So when I read Jamie Oliver‘s recipe for Grilled Peach Salad on one of his Facebook postings (Friend him! He’s one of my foodie heroes!), I got all excited about trying it. 
Also, we were asked to bring a salad to a barbecue, and this seemed perfect for a summer night’s feast!

What got me fired up about this recipe was the idea of grilling fruit. Maybe it’s the new foodie trend that I’m just now picking up on–kind of like my sun-dried tomatoes, basil and pine nuts phase of the early ’90s. We love to make salads with grilled veggies, now I’m plotting more fruits–like figs, apricots, plum, maybe even strawberries!
Anyway, the recipe is way simple! (I changed it slightly. I’m not even sure what bresaola is–some fancy type of lettuce that I swapped for a salad mix.) Just cut some ripe peaches or nectarines in half, twist them into two pieces, coat them with olive oil and chopped rosemary, and little s&p. Then slap them on the grill. They smell like a baking peach pie. OMG!!
(That silly little bird is my son’s parollet, named Cacambo, a little busybody who insists on being in the center of the action at all times. You would think he’d never seen “What Ever Happened to Sweet Baby Jane?”)

Here are the other ingredients. Just toss a herbacious salad mix with chopped prosciutto, goat cheese and simple dressing (I will show you that next). Chop up the peaches, and let them cool. 
As I’ve confessed before, I’m a failed vegetable gardener. But I at least can manage to grow my own rosemary and mint. If you are frustrated, too, check out this tragically funny post from one of my favorite bloggers: At least she has an excuse for giving up: a ruthless drought!
Here’s the dressing: start with red wine vinegar (a couple teaspoons), and then add three times as much olive oil. If I can wing the amounts, so can you! Then whisk in about a tablespoon of plain yogurt, and s&p. 
Now add the chopped peaches, and sprinkle with some chopped mint. Drizzle with dressing, toss and consume. 
Here’s another sad confession. In all my excitement, I did not have the patience to let the peaches cool thoroughly, so when I added them to the salad, the entire thing melted and wilted into a giant glob. Yes, it was still a delicious glob, at least according to my husband, but make sure your peaches are completely cooled down!!
Here are the other goodies we brought to the fish tacos barby! (That Homeboy salsa is amazing.) Yes, it was fun.
Anyway, I actually had a larger point to make in this post. I wanted to thank all those creative bloggers who share not only favorite recipes, but accompany them with such gorgeous photos and their own thoughts and lessons, which are so inspiring for reluctant cooks like myself. It takes so much time to take those photos, and put together those posts. I’m so grateful. Even if you don’t make the recipes, they are such a delight to read and see!
This is not an expert or extensive list, but just a sampling of some that I enjoy (would love to hear of any foodie blogs that any of you love!):

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I’m sure you are all way ahead of me, and have already been making amazing farm-to-table summer meals to enjoy under the stars on a balmy night with family and friends! But maybe you might find some more scrumptious recipes and inspiration from these talented bloggers!

4 thoughts on “Peachy Keen Summer

  1. mm-mm, this sounds delish! it's something i might see on a blog or in a mag, but never attempt. thanks for inspiring us all to get our hands a little dirty and create something scrumptious in our own kitchens! have you checked out christine's cousins blog –
    oh ps, love the homeboy salsa, too!

  2. I just posted a long comment and Blogger ate it. Sigh. I came back to say that I went to, Dinner, A Love Story. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    More later when I can retype above lost message!

  3. Do I see Feta cheese on the salad in your first photo? It looks like it to me and that made me crave for some as soon as I saw your first photo. But those grilled peaches looks so YUMMY!! I think I know what we'll have tonight, can't wait to try it for myself 🙂

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