Wordless Wednesday…almost

So it’s still Tuesday, but I always forget this Wordless Wednesday tradition among garden-related blogs. So I thought I would get a jump on it this time. This is a flower that’s blooming on small trees around town right now that I always think is really cool. I should know the name of it, but I don’t. I’m sure one of you brilliant gardeners out there does–and I will share the name if someone cares to comment on it. (According to Liisa at The Intercontinental Gardener, this is Angel’s Trumpet, aka Brugmansia arborea. Thanks!! Her blog is worth checking out, too!)
Also, I know this isn’t very wordless so far, either. I think that’s just an impossibility for me. Maybe next week I will also keep my mouth shut on Wordless Wednesday. That is, if I remember.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…almost

  1. Hi Laguna Dirt, it is Angel's trumpet, Brugmansia arborea(not Datura, which it is often mixed with – I have this thing for Latin names, as they are easier to remember than the common ones in my trilingual life…) It is highly toxic, but when have you seen anyone, even a kid, nibbling away potted plants? And their scent, wafting away in the evenings… just heavenly.

  2. Haha, a wordy welcome to the world of Wordless Wednesdays! 🙂 I did think it was rather unusual as you don't normally do this but looking forward to WW's from your blog!

  3. my neighbor has a beautiful one of these whatever they are's. that is, of course, as long as WE water it!
    i never quite got the wordless wednesday thing, they never seem to be wordless. maybe wordy wednesday should be the new trend.

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