Trailer Treasure

Edith Rose
I love vintage trailers. So when I spotted these little prints during the monthly art walk at the Santa Ana Artists Village earlier this month, I started snapping some photos.
And guess who was watching? The artist, a lovely young women from San Clemente, California,
 named Chantal deFelice. She snapped this photo of me taking photos of her work. Pretty sneaky!
Chantal told me she painted these trailers while staying at Shady Dell, a hip trailer park where you can stay in any of their nine, fully restored Midcentury aluminum trailers. Located in Bisbee, Arizona, off Highway 80, Shady Dell also includes a funky diner called Dot’s, and other fun amenities. It’s on my list!!
Dolores and Mildred
I bought one of the super reasonably priced prints, which were mounted on wooden block. I was with my husband and son, so I didn’t have a lot of time to chat. 
But I took Chantal’s card so I could learn more about her later.

If you like these trailer prints, they are available at the CSUF Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, at the Santa Ana Artist’s Village area. She also sells them at Seed People’s Market, located at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Check out my previous post about The Camp by clicking HERE.

Joanie and Lorraine
Or you can find them on her web site HERE, or on her Etsy site by clicking HERE.
Chantal even sells these prints as earrings!
I prefer them on the wooden block, like this one. Only $25 for a 4×5!! I have found some wonderful art (and deals!) at the Santa Ana Art Walk, which is the first Saturday night of the month. You really have to look hard, though, because a lot of it is pretty schmaltzy. But the hunt is part of the fun! (Besides loads of galleries, there are some fabulous restaurants there, like Memphis and The Gypsy Den, among others, and usually some live music. Perfect for a warm summer night!)
Chantal has other prints for sale from other cities, such as San Francisco and Pittsburgh.
Anyway, if you can’t own your own vintage trailer, staying at Shady Dell is the next best thing. If you haven’t had the chance to stay at Shady Dell, these prints are a great reminder to make the trip someday!

6 thoughts on “Trailer Treasure

  1. Great ideas breed like rabbits. Shady Dell had a good one, then Chantal, and now your post telling us about it. Airstreams are so hot!

  2. Cool prints, and the presentations on the blocks is perfect. I also love all the powerlines running through the trailer prints. It really adds to the trailer-court texture.

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