Finally Getting Better!

Garden art is finally coming into its own–slowly, ever so slowly moving beyond tacky decor to functional sculpture. I know I’m not alone in wondering what has taken so long. Anyway, here’s one of the latest designers to take up the call, a landscape designer named Jennifer Gilbert Asher.

The Los Angeles Times just featured her work, called TerraTrellis, on their blog. This is one of the company’s steel arbors. One reason garden art like this isn’t popping up as quickly as it should is that it’s still really pricey. Soon to be available at the hip garden shop, Potted in L.A., their pieces range between $300 to $600.
Here’s another arbor from TerraTrellis, which offers all their pieces in a variety of bright colors. Power-coating seems to be the way to go with this type of outdoor art. (Are you thinking what I’m thinking? How about a little Rust-Oleum enamel paint on those tomato trellises?) 

I think the trick is that garden art should look great with or without plants growing on or around it. If it can stand alone as something sculptural, it will look equally good or better with greenery.

The orb is one of the most popular forms in gardens. This one, too, is from TerraTrellis.

This is a similar orb sculpture from a company that started several years ago, and was among the first to offer
modern garden sculpture, called (similarly), Terra Sculpture. When I went to learn about the artist behind this work, I realized it’s the same woman, Jennifer Asher, from Terra Trellis!  Duh! (I would say she has cornered this market!!) 
Anyway, Terra Sculpture offers brightly-colored power-coated pieces, iron and stainless steel pieces. This is called Kismet. Asher’s TerraTrellis company offers more affordable garden art than Terra Sculpture, which sells these larger works for thousands of dollars instead of hundreds. 
Another from Terra Sculpture. Garden art all depends on what type of a statement you want to make. 

Now the artist behind this work, called Moroccan Totems, brings garden art to an even higher level, in my opinion. I learned about Wyatt Ellison from Denise over at A Growing Obsession. Instead of spotting an opening in the market, this guy was a commercial welder who just started making organic pieces in his spare time–and then was smart enough to start selling them.

He now makes these fabulous works for the home and garden and sells them mainly around the Bay Area, but you can find them on his web site here
His prices range from hundreds to several thousands of dollars. But a piece like this, called Marsh Screen, seems very reasonable at $150.

These are called Mushrooms. I love almost everything he does!

Aren’t these fabulous? Called Horsetail.

Finally, his Poppies. I WANT!!

Enough lusting! Like all art work, garden art is whatever you like. We are all free to stick whatever strikes out fancy in our front lawns or in the flower beds. So I guess this is what I like. But judging from artists and companies like these that are providing beautiful sculptural pieces, I’m not alone. 

4 thoughts on “Finally Getting Better!

  1. that circular arch is the best thing ever! the color and shape are perfect for the garden!

  2. I saw these in the LA Times this morning too and clipped a photo of the Lazlo trellis, the one based on the giant ones at the Getty. I do like those fine-textured wire orbs too. The powder-coated stuff gives such a different, zippier effect than Wyatt's.

  3. Cool Blog! I just found yours through Carey's page. I'm in Newport and just started a blog. Please check it out! I'm looking forward to your next posting…

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