The Plant Stand–Who Knew?

I subscribe to Groupon, the new online coupon service that emails half-off deals. So even though I had never heard of The Plant Stand before they offered me $50 worth of garden goods for $25, I jumped on it. The store is in Costa Mesa, about 20 minutes from my home off the I-405 and Bristol, and I assumed it would be a little mom-and-pop garden shop. I thought even if I didn’t like the plants, I could stock up on potting soil. 

The outside was pretty non-descript (and that garden banner made me wary), but the second I walked into the spacious courtyard area, I couldn’t believe the number of cacti and succulents. 
Tons! And the prices were good!

 I asked one employee how long this place had been here. Must be new, I thought. How had I never even heard of it? It was gigantic!
 She said, “Oh, about 25 years.” 

So maybe I don’t have my finger on the pulse of nurseries in OC… 
 Anyway, they had rows and rows of succulents, many of the kinds you just don’t find everywhere. 

At least not the kind I usually find. 

They had some assembled in planters. Nothing too fancy. But some nice combos.

Besides the impressive succulent selection, I noticed shelves stacked high with interesting planters and pots. 
These massive planters were made from fiberglass and were available in many colors, shapes and sizes–up to 4 or 5 feet or taller!  

I have a “contemporary” style home, and it’s hard to find planters with clean, modern lines.

These are also hard to find–at least in OC–those simple mid-century lines.
 I’m pretty sure they are Gainey, or a mean knock-off if not. 
Then I walked inside the first large warehouse, and the honeymoon ended. The place is packed with the type of pedestrian garden decor I wish didn’t exist. It’s an aesthetic thing, I know, and I love “garden art,” but when it’s pastel, bunnies and duckies, and questionable quality, and in no way blends with organic colors or anything in the natural world–YUCK!!! 

But once I stopped overreacting to the tchachkes, I did find some nice items, such as these  lanterns.

More lanterns.

See what I mean about the quantities? At least they have an interesting design and glaze!

More planters.

and more.

Nice lattice frames and colors.
Ah! Back outside. This was a large pot of wildflowers. Nothing better!

They had columbines. 

Sheer delight!

This was inside one of their big warehouses. It was shocking, like the Costco of indoor plants. Some major nitrogen going on in here! But the selection was amazing and the prices were good.

An entire football field of orchids. (And one of cymbidiums.)

Mucho bromeliads.

This guy stood out from the crowd.

Step outside and you have the football field of palms.

I forgot to mention they have a Macaw named Geisha, who bites. Costco doesn’t have one of these!

I had good time at The Plant Stand, and bought a little lime tree and some herbs with my nifty Groupon.
 I will return to this mega-nursery–deal or no deal! 

11 thoughts on “The Plant Stand–Who Knew?

  1. Looks like far more good than bad or ugly, and so close. I'm envious; looks like they did a great marketing move by using Groupon.

    And the modern and metallic pots – I want those.

  2. Muy bien, seria agradable ver tantos cactus juntos y variados ,aunque no estoy presente, con la calidad de fotos me doy una idea de la cantidad de plantas que pudo ver y me interno en ese vivero…gracias.

    Hasta pronto.

  3. Okay, in my uncharitable moments I wish Ortho would invent a spray to guard against garden cuteness, but the place looks like I'd still have a lot of fun here.

  4. I saw the month's paycheck flash before my eyes. This place looks dangerous! Just back that semi truck up and start loading… hehe, with extra anti-garden cuteness spray.

  5. They've got a fantastic selection of plants and succulents, and all those accesories, love em! The big vases and containers are very nice.

    It never fails to amaze me that often, the most unassuming of places end up being a gold mine for garden treasures. I wouldn't mind having something like that near us.

  6. I wish we could get a groupon for a nursery store here in Austin. Those people are going to put Roger's Gardens out of business.

  7. My god! We dont have nothing like that in Montevideo, Is like heaven of plants! those suculents! the planters!
    tx u so much for the ride 🙂


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