Happily Dizzy at Vertigo

We finally have a hip little shop in Laguna Beach that carries truly unique outdoor items, as well as stylish, modern decor for inside your home. It’s called Vertigo, and is owned and run by two great guys named Chris and Martin, and their ferocious Jack Russell Terrior named Utah. Many of the designers they carry are Scandinavian, so you get that well-conceived, sculptural and playful feel wherever you look. 
This dreamy patio umbrella casts filtered light and leafy shadows like sitting under a tree. Called the Droog Shadylace Parasol, it costs $400.  Kind of pricey, but sometimes you just have to spring for that one-of-a-kind piece that pulls it all together, and makes you happy!
The store is located at 1854 South Coast Highway. And if you can’t get to Laguna, you can order most of their items through their Web site.

Like a lot of Scandinavian designs, many of their items have a nature theme, such as these plastic owl mobiles.

And these super graphic, nature-themed dish towels (under $20). 

Another dish towel.

Vertigo also has tons of great fabric, especially for outdoor use, such as this nubby Sunbrella material (about $35 a yard.) Chris and Martin have large reams of quality fabric that they offer for deep discounts. They also sell fluffy pillow inserts that are made of recycled water bottles starting at $10 each.

They can have just about anything re-upholstered for you, and have a contemporary selection of fabric books to explore. They have Eames, Maharam, Marimekko, Normann, all the mid-century stars. Also, they have a beautiful and informative design blog, Vertigo Design

Here’s some special fabric from one of their connections in France. 
(Same fabric used for those low-slung, foldable beach chairs.)

Can you feel the happy vibe?

Hiding underneath the pillows and stuffed dude is a fabulous outdoor “dragnet” lounge chair.

Some fanciful door mats. Check out this link to a bunny doormat they sell on their web site. Speaking of bunnies, you haven’t met Utah yet.

This little guy may look friendly, but every once in a long while something just rubs him the wrong way…
like this white Boxer, and watch out. Martin (on the right) was able to defuse any serious tangling. 

Most of the time Utah just hangs out peacefully on the little doorstep here…

and chews on his flavored bone (also sold at Vertigo, as is his collar and other accessories.)

Back inside Vertigo, they have a wall painted with that amazing colored Chalkboard paint by Hudson that allows you to write on it. You can buy it there, too.
Here are some more interesting outdoor items you can order from their Web site…
Droog Tree Bench for outdoor seating. You are talking about 20K. No lie.
I’m just glad they have something like this sweet little boiled-wool birdhouse ornament that is in my budget! (and many other unique, affordable items)
So if you are in town, stop by and check out Vertigo!  Just make sure and be especially nice to Utah!

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  1. this shop is right up my alley. so great to find a store where you'd like to take home everything! thanks for posting, and bringing this little gem to our attention!

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