Get Out!

This Crate and Barrel catalogue landed in my mailbox yesterday. For a minute there, that cover photo threw me for a loop. In order to understand my surprise, 
you have to had read my recent post about some outdoor pillows I made. (Here’s the link if you want to check it out.)
But if you don’t want to read through the entire post, here’s one of the photos of the pillow I made and an action shot from my backyard. I know my shot isn’t half as slick as the C&B one (my chair’s all dirty, for one), but it’s pretty similar, right? I know this is just a funny coincidence, but it’s so weird to me that I made my little pillows using stuffing from some old Ikea pillows–and their’s are the same shape and fabric. Not to mention the aqua chaise lounge, the rectangular pool, the round metal side table…If it matters, I bought my fabric from a discount fabric shop in Orange County called House of Fabrics for $9.99 a yard. 
Then I thought, “Well, at least they didn’t use that orange flower fabric.” But then I flipped through the C&B catalogue and spotted this on page 36…
Geez!!! Seriously, all this is nothing more than a silly coincidence (and I’m probably the only one the least bit entertained by the whole thing–sorry if you think I have nothing better to post about! You should read my post about Kleenex boxes to see how low I can go.) However, I have to admit I’m kind of bummed because now people (the throngs!) who see my backyard will think I bought my pillows from Crate and Barrel. Not that there’s anything wrong with C&B. But I was kind of proud of those pillows, and thought I had something original going on. Oh well. At least I didn’t pay $29.95 for mine!

8 thoughts on “Get Out!

  1. Hey, you have a good eye and a keen sense of practicality! I'll take your $9.99 pillows over C&B any day! It is funny though and I totally sympathize with your chagrin!

  2. i think C&B must be stalking you and your blog for all of your hip, chic and trendy ideas. If you see some prying eyes spying over your back fence, call 911 immediately!

  3. Oh, you're just ahead of the design curve, getting things before they hit CB! The CB outlet nearby sells their past-season Marimekko fabrics for almost nothing. Even if I'd be following the trends, the fabrics are still pretty cool.

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