Art + Nature + Airstream

Guess what’s in this vintage Airstream Trailer? It’s parked at The Camp, that hip outdoor mall in Orange County I just featured in my last post. The succulents are the biggest tip-off.
It’s a mod garden shop called Organic Designs by Aggelige (aka Art + Nature) that is across from the Patagonia store, but it wasn’t open yet.
When we came back after 11 a.m., it looked like this. Yea!
Can you not go in?

The nice young woman working there (whose name I can’t remember) told us the owner is an artist named Aggelige who had this shop tucked off PCH in San Clemente, and the owner of The Camp found her and invited her to join his “green” mall. A former art gallery director, Aggelige makes most of the items for sale in the store, such as all the planter arrangements using vintage, handmade or recycled pots, and succulents, air plants, cacti and natural materials from the beach.

According to her biz card, “We also feature an assortment of nature-inspired art with a modern twist from artists within Southern California.” Her shop featured one local artist who makes soothing photos of the ocean and waves. (The light inside that concrete block is my favorite idea to steal from this place.)
An artist who lives in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles named Matt Adrian makes these bird painting prints on square wooden blocks (His funny other blog.) I know birds are everywhere–do you know the web site called putabirdonit that satirizes this hipster trend?– but I still can’t get enough of them. 
Like much of the Costa Mesa store, the price was very budget-friendly: 6×6 print on block for $38.

Ocean-themed planters, succulents, birds, imitation moss-covered rocks…lotta nature going on in here.
These cool ceramic bottles (and other ceramic pieces and the glass terrariums), were made by Costa Mesa artist Andrea Luna-Reece. Can you make out that friendly price?
I liked the outside as much as the inside, and that’s how it should be!
They have a Crimson Passion Flower Vine on their overhang.
These outdoor mats are great indoors, too.
Here’s a long shot of inside the Airstream.
Did I mention I collect ocean rocks with holes in them?

These air plants are perfect for inattentive gardeners! 
 Most only need a spritz or two once a week. 

So are the terrariums, such as the glass one in the middle right on the white stand. 
Here’s a close-up of one of the terrariums.
More playmates for your planters or terrariums. You can barely buy a burrito for that price.
More to stick in your own creations.
Tons of air plants here.
Did I mention all the air plants?
Super cute ceramic mini-bird houses. Worth tweeting about.
Yes, more…
All you guilty environs, don’t fret. It’s legal to collect driftwood from the beaches around here in winter. (Here’s link to driftwood artist.) Not so sure about those rocks, though…
Who doesn’t love a stump put to good use?
A close-up of that Crimson Passion Flower.
I’m wondering when I will tire of these arrangements. Maybe never.
Last stop. More birds, of course.
Hope you get a chance to stop by some time!
 Click The Camp to see more images of this green outdoor mall in OC.

7 thoughts on “Art + Nature + Airstream

  1. You are killing me!!! I am a Californian trapped in Oregon!!! Gotta move before I go insane.

    BTW I saw that light bulb in the cmu and thought "totally gonna steal that"…then I read your text. Can't wait to see it in both our gardens!

  2. Fantastic post! I come from a couple generations of Texans and it's definitely in my blood but I think I could do CA too! The artsy vibe your post conveys beckons…

  3. Nice, worth the wait from your last post! Nice colors and vibe in and out is important, but I was just happy to see agaves outdoors that weren't a dead, flattened mess – Las Cruces needs to be declared a spiky plant disaster area…

  4. Wow, tillandsia heaven! I have a friend converting an Airstream into a studio space. What is it about them that brings out the creativity in people? So many cool places and things, so little time (and space to put the cool stuff!)…

  5. Dear Miss. Dirt,
    It is always wonderful when you drop by. I too get tired of pattern so be safe I stick to the basics, although I am lucky enough to have fun with my clients furniture. Your blog is a treat everytime I look, thanks for the free travel.

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