Wordless (cough cough) Wednesday

I noticed that a lot of garden bloggers post photos of gorgeous flowers on Wednesdays. I’m not sure what the story is on that tradition, but some call their posts “Wordless Wednesday.” Anyway, while I was down with the flu this past weekend, I asked my husband to spring for some Kleenex (usually I’m good with t.p., but I was feeling sorry for myself and felt entitled to an upgrade.). Maybe I’ve never noticed the designs on these boxes before–probably because we usually buy the generic tissues–but I thought these were such pretty flowers.

And I loved the single colors of the boxes. See how pretty that warm vintage yellowish color is next to my maroon quilt?  (You start to seek serenity where ever you can find it after your third day in a row of green tea and reality T.V. shows.) 

 It also comes in this pretty rose color. 
So I strategically placed this red box downstairs by the T.V.
so it would be ready when I emerged from my bedroom. 

It comes in royal blue, too. Kind of an odd color for flowers, but looks good in my bathroom, where I finally talked myself into that “I’m better now” shower.  
The best thing out of all this is that if I hadn’t had the flu, I never would have appreciated how together my life is compared to most people (at least my new friends on those T.V. shows), and even more importantly, learned the answer to all my fashion challenges–pajama jeans!

7 thoughts on “Wordless (cough cough) Wednesday

  1. haha, that kills me, pajama jeans! glad you're feeling better, and here's hoping that kleenex sponsors your next flu supply!

  2. Wow…who knew? (pajama jeans, not the kleenex). Good for your husband for stepping up to the name brand and selecting just the right box. You know he probably had race cars, sports teams, and fly fishing themes to chose from too!

  3. i usually don't comment on my own posts, but i have to admit i have serious post-regret. maybe i'm still a little out of it. i thought about deleting it, but i'm going to leave it if just for the sake of those pj jeans. my son saw me laughing and said, "mom, i don't know what you are laughing about. i could see you in those." anyway, thanks for putting up with my twisted attempt at humor.

  4. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and that the beautiful boxes of kleenex helped cheer you up! Sometimes it's just the little things in life that bring joy 😉 Thanks for the link love.

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