Tiki Time

This is one of my vintage ceramic Tiki dudes that I started collecting when my daugher was in high school and I thought it would be cool to outfit her bedroom in this island decor. She put up with the idea for a couple years, but then she quietly peeled off the Hibiscus duvee, pulled the old surfing photos from her walls and stacked these Tiki guys back in the garage. She prefers Indonesian…Oh well.
 But then I saw a posting on HollywoodForeverKevin, and I had an idea…

Here is my collection. I don’t think I paid more than $10 for any of them over Ebay.
It’s as simple as it looks: some dirt and some succulent cuttings.
 These are mainly from around my house, and from a very nice friend who let me raid her garden.
Now I just need to figure out where they want to hang out.
I’m thinking a bathroom. Mine are pretty boring. Easy way to add some great color! 
The glazes and patterns on these guys are pretty great.
 I hope you don’t expect me to ID the succulents. Let’s see, echeveria (always a good guess), fuzzy wuzzy, fire stick, the stuff that looks like ice plant…(If anyone wants to get  more specific, I’m happy to update this post!)
I also pulled out some of my other vintage ceramics that were sitting unappreciated in my garage.
 I didn’t really like this piece (and it’s kind of big), but the succulents really make it come together!

More basic California pottery, probably a McCoy or Bauer or one of those.  
You can’t go wrong with white.
More of the same.
I always liked the shape and texture of this piece, but it was so weird. 
The dark dirt accentuates its great curvy lines.
My only concern about the ones I would like to keep indoors
 is that they won’t get enough direct sunlight and will start to, well, rot.
 Time will tell. I can always move them outside for periodic sun baths.
This one is as simple as it gets. Some type of jade; love the teal color.

Now I’m just indulging myself. These have nothing to do with tiki, but they, too, are ceramic, I do have them outdoors on a patio table with some of these other plants and “decor.”
 Anyway, my daughter made these and brought these home from college over her winter break.
 I LOVE them!! 
Try to guess what they are.

Vacuum cleaners! I have to ask her about the significance of that again. 

She actually never vacuumed because of her “allergies.” Yes, she’s a smart girl.
 Guess she’s making up for lost time.

Now that I study them here, I wonder if they are supposed to be me?
 All that vacuuming I do all the time!

So here is the inspiration for my little Tiki guys. This is from Kevin’s cool post

6 thoughts on “Tiki Time

  1. i love what you've done with your succulents! that white vase with the single sprig of jade really is a study on simplicity.
    vacuum cleaners? so funny, but I think mine has skulls and debris i've run over attached to it, too!

  2. Such colorful planted tiki heads! I love them. You also have a sweet pottery collection! I love the mixed colors in your plantings where as mine stayed mainly in the blue range. Well done!

  3. Dear LD, Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am glad you did because it brought me to yours which I enjoyed enormously. P.

  4. I didn't come here since a long time, i had miss so many good posts. I love your sunny blog. I'm in love with tiki style. It brings joy, hapiness and fun. I have a 4 meters high tiki in my garden.

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