Visit a Mermaid’s Garden: The Mosaic Step

So here’s the mosaic doorstep that leads into the office Jill had built in their detached garage. (See my previous post to see her amazing backyard and outdoor, driftwood and rock fireplace! and the running stream and native plant garden!) The little sea creature on the left was made by a local artist, Jan Sattler, who shows at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a strong ocean theme
running through Jill’s garden and home.
Not only is Jill a marine biologist, but she surfs more often than anyone I know, and her legs may soon grow together into a large fin-tail!
This chair is on the right of the door to the office.
More close-ups of the mosaic step. It was her first mosaic effort, and I think it turned out great! She thought her husband would love stepping over the colorful step into the little office, until he reminded her that he was colorblind. Oops.
It’s amazing how succulents seem to mimic undersea plants.

Don’t you just want to get closer and closer?

Kind of like snorkeling! This is another ceramic piece of a sea slug, also by Laguna artist Jan Sattler, along with abalone shells filled with crystal pieces. (Jill and her husband legally dive for abalone every year up in northern California. And if you are nice enough to them, they fry it up and share it with friends!)

This bottled mermaid is an old Christmas ornament.
Are you starting to get the idea of this garden
and a feel for what inspires Jill and her family? Pretty fun, huh! What until you see their backyard stream, and meet Lucky, Lulu and Annabele. (Just click this to see more of Jill’s backyard.)

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