Visit a Mermaid’s Garden: The Backyard Stream

In case you just caught up with us on the tour of Jill’s garden and home, step outside to check out her backyard garden and the soothing running stream and pond. (If you missed the first two posts of Jill’s garden and home, and want to see her amazing driftwood and ocean rock outdoor fireplace, or her funky mosaic step, click the links.)
About two years ago, Jill pulled up her lawn and had the path for the stream dug out, lined and filled with rocks and pebble, just like a real creek. The water trickles across the backyard, welcoming tons of thirsty birds and butterflies, and collects in a little pond on the far right corner.

Jill was a great sport to let me share her garden in the middle of winter like this, when most of her plants are dormant. After finishing the stream, she planted almost all native California plants along the banks. (If you spot a couple non-natives, such as her favorite hollyhocks, well, please keep it to yourself!) We will be sure and come back in the spring!
It’s kind of like finding Waldo, but both Lulu and Annabele, Jill’s turtles, are pictured here navigating the rocks back to the pond. They tend to escape and wander, and have even been found as far as a block away!
The light shifts throughout the day, but part of the yard is almost always catching some sunshine–you just have get to shift around with it!
Lucky, the family’s goofy but totally lovable English Setter,
likes Lulu and Annabele, too, and is never far from the action.
We happened to catch Jill recently in her wet suit and booties
as she was re-potting some cattail in her pond.
Even with the recent deluge that inundated Laguna Beach in recent weeks,
Jill’s stream and resident wildlife all faired relatively well.
That water temp was easily in the high 50s.
Jill started with five goldfish fish, and has 15 at last count.

Here’s Lulu, the more social of the two, thinking it’s time to eat.
The two turtles are Red-eared Sliders.

This is Annabele, a rescue from a local reptile store, who’s a bit smaller and shyer than Lulu. While we were there, she actually landed on her back, but flipped herself upright no problem.

Hence the name, Red-eared Slider. So, isn’t Jill’s yard too cool? Next time, we check out her newest addition, a totally original outside shower, the English garden in her front yard, and two magical gardens she made for her kids. So don’t wander too far for too long!!

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