1-1-11 Hike, Part Two

If you just joined us, these are photos I took New Year’s Day (1-1-11!) while walking up a hill from downtown Laguna Beach to our home about 1,000 feet up. I walk this route a lot and just wanted to shoot some of the plants and images I found interesting…(You can view first leg of hike in previous post.) We are about a third of the way up at this point. All photos are of plants and stuff in people’s front yards. This yellow plant is called Kangaroo pod or something like that (will get back to you on that).

These were two gurgling fountains by a front entrance,
but for some reason the owners swapped out the water feature for succulents.

We walked past two of these beastly palms (date palms, ?? anyone?), and the seeds are clearly alien.

This is the second palm creature, with similar but different seeds/pods. Also, otherworldly.
This is just dumb looking, (and huge!) but I couldn’t help myself. The nose helps.
This lighted, holiday deer/sleigh combo went down in one of our recent deluges.
I wanted to photograph it the first time I saw it strewn on their lawn.
The sign is new. It’s even better now!
I read a recent post on one of the gardening posts I follow (will try to track down source and plant name), who lauded these plants as the perfect substitute for poinsettias. Their faded yet bright color and sharp lines remind me of vintage toleware. If you want to finish the final leg of this little hike, stay tuned…

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