I Killed My Lawn!

Two years ago January, I killed my lawn. I couldn’t take the constant watering (California was in a full-on drought 2007-2009.) It was a relatively small front lawn, about 300 square feet. I yanked it up by hand. No chemicals! It was a huge chore. Then I made a windy path down the center of it using decomposed granite. I planted all California native plants in the beds, except for some Mexican feather grass, a plant from New Zealand (pictured below with curly red flowers) and random succulents.



There was already a short 3-feet-high stucco wall that separated the lawn from a side patio, which also helped define the space. I’m sorry I don’t have an overview shot here, but mainly details of some of my plantings and accent pieces. The first three are succulents in pots that are on the low wall.


The blue plant is a type of sage (Mexican Blue Sage / Salvia chamaedryoides, thanks to desert dweller!) ; and blue-eyed grass on right (which is spreading like mad this winter!!).




This is another native sage, again need to look up exact name. It blooms year-round as long as it has water.






Another sage, believe this one is a white sage.


My totem dudes (They are ceramic and about three feet high. I use them as a focal point.)




Here’s that amazing New Zealand Grevillea (ID thanks to Denise at A Growing Obsession). The hummingbirds go nuts for it, as you can imagine. And it thrives in the clay and doesn’t like fertilizer!




My friend gave this to me for my birthday and I LOVE it! She got it at an estate sale down the street from her house on Victoria Beach. It has one of those amazing molten-like ’60s glazes.





Raku pot that actually doesn’t fair very well in the elements. Starts to lose its color, but I still like it out here. Super cool agave variety with the yellowish stripe. Could use more direct sunlight, and someday will be huge–and dangerous!



I love this super juicy succulent, with its teal color and amazing clumps. Will track down a name. I need to care more about the names!



Another cool, yet nameless succulent, and the beginnings of a milkweed that last summer was crawling with monarch caterpillars, but then died, but will come back this summer!! My little pile of rocks is called a cairn, in case you wondered.


More blue-eyed grass, some weird ceramic thingy I made and didn’t know what to do with–so out it went! And a couple hand-blown, vintage “floaters” from Japan.


Ugh oh, another cool plant I can’t remember the name of–with little red spikey blooms. Another hummingbird fav. This one is growing REALLY SL O W L Y. Another milkweed on the left and a California Poppy (The STATE FLOWER!!) in the forground. One of my instructors from Saddleback College gave me the ceramic piece. (I didn’t tell him it’s in the garden.)


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